• An ode to the past, present and future, a tribute to the timeless beauty and creative power of women...
    This year on the occasion of International Women's Rights Day Faircado collaborated with Solidartsy and amazingly talented women to launch its first exclusive capsule collection of upcycled art made entirely by female artists.
    Accessible, sustainable and meaningful, this collection offers a wide range of unique pieces for everyone.

  • Uma is a textile artist and an illustrator based in the south of France. Her project 'Umamade', celebrates traditional artisanal methods to create unique homeware, fashion and art pieces by intertwining natural fibers with contemporary and minimalist embroidery. Her illustrations and designs are aimed at celebrating natural beauty, self-love and self-empowerment.
    In the world of fast fashion which creates global social and environmental injustice, she believes in a more mindful design approach; slow creating, slow stitching, slow fashion.
    After graduating from Economics studies and working in one of the biggest fast fashion brands she realised the size of this global injustice and taught herself how to embroider to be able to contribute to the zero waste and slow fashion movement.

  • Sina is a German/Indonesian graphic designer, the founder and creative head behind ‚yaayoo‘ and a mum of two. She grew up in a small town in Germany and moved to Indonesia after graduating college to find her roots. Living in a diverse country full of beautiful fabrics, Sina learned how to sew to make clothing and cloth diapers for her children.
    What started out as a hobby quickly became a passion. With the mission to keep this planet nice and enjoyable for the future generations she started to recycle and upcycle already existing materials, using her hands to give them another life, and create unique and sustainable pieces of art. Some of her bags are made from the Batik fabric of Indonesian praying skirts, others from what used to be parachutes.
    Sina is a passionate spirit who loves to experiment. The meaning of 'Ya ayo'? 'Let’s go' in Indonesian!

  • Dorsa Ahari is an Iranian artist based in Berlin. She was born and raised in Iran and studied engineering in the UK. For a decade Dorsa explored the relationship between numbers, machines and human behaviour, none of which fully satisfied her soul. The more she dug into the field, the more she craved the human soul, psyche and connection, what is missing from machines.
    According to Dorsa, collaging is a way of communicating her soul’s journey - as a woman who has lived in different counties and societies - to the physical world. She wants to trigger the audiences’ mind, to encourage them to question their own thought processes, to pause for a second in this chaotic world and look within themselves.
    She believes all the answers are within us if we are brave enough to travel inward and this is what she wants to show and to encourage with her art. She has a great interest in psychology and philosophy, always exploring the human mind, our relationship with ourselves and its projection into the outside world.

  • Founder of SICA UPCYCLING DESIGN, Simone Simonato’s role as a designer and entrepreneur expands into acting as a communicator, facilitator, activist and educator.
    Simone’s motivation consists besides others in working to inspire positive change, for a more fair, aware and empathetic fashion and textile industry.
    She believes in the practical approach of her work connecting with the makers directly, enabling transparency as also preserving traditional crafts and supporting the artisans that make our everyday things.

  • Utique Jewels is a sustainable and nature inspired Jewelry Label using recycled materials like metals and vintage gemstones.
    Anne Dannien the creator of 'Utique Jewels' worked as a diamond buyer in the recycled sector and encountered during her buying trips all these ""orphan"" coloured gemstones. And so she started to create jewels for these gems, giving them a new life. Inspired by the beauty of nature, flowers, seed pods and little twigs are transformed into jewelry and combined with vintage gems.
    These jewels are to remind the wearer of the beauty and fragility of nature.

  • Nathalie's creative background started at the beginning of her childhood. Drawing, painting, sewing, she wanted to try it all.
    She started upcycling before even knowing the word, finding ways to create whatever she needed with what she had, DIY became her way of life.
    Moving to Berlin allowed her to meet new creative people from around the world, discovering the art scene and developing her ecological awareness. From jewelry making, embroidery on second-hand clothes, weaving wall art pieces to focusing on environmentally-friendly cosmetics and fabric dyes, Nathalie loved to experiment with different media. Finally, her love for fashion caught up with her when she was given a bag of fabric scraps by a friend. Quickly, sewing became vital to her. While keeping sustainability in mind, she has been looking for more creative ways to sew zero waste. Nathalie is a completely self-taught sewist, who loves bright colours and is obsessed with CMYK.

  • Fanny Goerlich was born in Liège (Belgium) and works in Brussels.
    She holds a double Master's degree in literature and gender studies, and those two topics are the main influence to her art today. She mainly practices collages, intimate and participative performances, as well as projects going along with her award-winning thesis published in 2021 on gender and literature.
    Her different projects are marked by questioning and experimentation around a critique of the dominant aesthetic standards, their desacralisation, the transgression of norms, with a focus on the collective, the body, pleasure and joy.