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Vintage Diamond Star Medallion

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This medallion used to be the head of a ring, but made into a pendant it looks much better. Materials are platinum and various diamonds. The center stone is approximately 0.20ct in a fine white, VS Clarity, the sides stones are 9 x 0.015ct and 10 x 0.005ct.

The colour of these diamonds is G, and the clarity is VS- The design is dating back to the 60s. The eyelet is made out of the shank of that very ring the pendant is from. Upcycling at its finest. This jewel comes with a certificate on which you can find all the details to the materials used.

About Anne

Utique Jewels is a sustainable and nature inspired Jewelry Label using recycled materials like metals and vintage gemstones. Anne Dannien the creator of Utique Jewels worked as a diamond buyer in the recycled sector and encountered during her buying trips all these "orphan" coloured gemstones. So the idea was born of creating jewels for these gems, giving them a new life. Inspired by the beauty of nature, flowers and seed pods or little twigs are transformed into jewelry and then combined with vintage gems. These jewels are to remind the wearer of the beauty and fragility of nature. But also recycled jewelry means a small impact on the environment. So Utique Jewels curated for this collaboration with FAIRCADO a small but delightful selection of vintage jewelry from the 70s to 80s.


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