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The Masks I Had to Wear III

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Original mixed media collage by Dorsa Ahari, signed. 10 cm x 10 cm, Canvas, Acrylic and Collage. Made from second hand books and magazines. You will receive a certificate of authenticity with your purchase.


About Dorsa

Dorsa Ahari is an Iranian artist based in Berlin. She was born and raised in Iran and then studied engineering in the UK. For a decade Dorsa explored the relationship between numbers, machines and human behaviour, none of which fully satisfied her soul. The more she dug into the field, the more she craved the human soul, psyche and connection, what is missing from machines. According to Dorsa, collaging is a way of communicating her soul’s journey - as a woman who has lived in different counties and societies - to the physical world. She wants to trigger the audiences’ mind, in the sense that she wants to somehow encourage them to question their own thought processes, to pause for a second in this chaotic world and look within themselves. She believes all the answers are within us, if we are brave enough to travel inward and this is what she wants to show and to encourage with her art. She has a great interest in psychology and philosophy, always exploring the human mind, our relationship with ourselves and its projection into the outside world. Dorsa is currently exploring new mediums and techniques. Her new journey in Berlin has offered her new opportunities which she is looking forward to. New collaborations and exhibitions are on the way.


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