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Green top - Ruffles ! Sizes 38/40

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Green top with light pink ruffle sleeves, designed to fit sizes 38/40 for easier reference, but at N.Creatrix, we don't like sizes, so we'd rather say that it fits ALL sizes up to 40. Wear what feels good is our motto. This item is made of waste fabric and might show signs of imperfections (just like we do!). Made of breathable cotton, it will be light and soft on your skin. This green top was designed to generate minimal waste, indeed, only the cut to form the neckhole hasn't been used (yet). Waist: 120cm / Length: 50cm If I break, repair me. If you stop loving me, donate me. Love me and dispose of me responsibly.

About Nathalie

Nathalie's creative background started at the beginning of her childhood. Drawing, painting, making cards or anything to keep her busy. She started upcycling before even knowing the word, finding ways to create whatever she needed with what she had, DIY became her way of life. Five years ago, she moved to Berlin, allowing her to meet new people from around the world, discovering the art scene and developing her ecological awareness. From jewelry making, embroidery on second-hand clothes, weaving wall art pieces to focusing on environmentally-friendly cosmetics and fabric dyes, Nathalie loved to experiment with different media. Finally, her love for fashion caught up with her when she was given a bag of fabric scraps by a friend. Quickly, sewing became vital to her. While keeping sustainability in mind, she has been looking for more creative ways to reuse all the textile waste that she generates or can find around her. Nathalie is a completely self-taught sewist and now, she is here to present a very colorful collection of zero waste clothing and accessories.


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