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334 - Waistbag XL - corduroy creme

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Product Description

This waist bag is made from a preloved Indonesian batik sarong, a large piece of fabric. Sarongs are often being wrapped around the waist for praying but are also being used as tablecloths and blankets. Fancy sarongs can also be worn on formal occasions. Batik is a fabric dying technique where hot wax is applied to certain areas of the fabric using a copper stamp or a special tool that allows small drawing before it's dyed. For every new color that step is repeated. While batik originated from the island of java, it is important and present all over Indonesia. Every batik pattern has a meaning and every region has their own batik print. approx. 30 x 13 x 5 cm


About Sina

Sina is a German/Indonesian graphic designer, the founder and creative head behind “yaayoo” and a mum of two. She grew up in a small town in Germany and moved to Indonesia after graduating college to find her roots. Living in a diverse country full of beautiful fabrics Sina learned how to sew to make clothing and cloth diapers for her children. What started out as a hobby quickly became a passion. With the mission to keep this planet nice and enjoyable for the future generations she started to recycle and upcycle already existing materials into new things. That way unique and sustainable pieces of art are created. “Ya ayo” is indonesian and means “let’s go”.


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